Community Development and Mobilization Project funded by PACT, Belize

The Community Baboon Sanctuary through funding from the PACT Small Grant is implementing a new project aimed at protecting the population of howler monkeys and other endangered species in the area and the ecosystems in which they live.

The main activities under this project are:
–    Board development training for the Women’s Conservation Group (WCG)
–    Revision of the WCG Constitution
–    Development  a comprehensive management plan for the Community Baboon Sanctuary
–    Establishment of  a nursery on the grounds of the CBS to promote reforestation

This project is expected to:
–    Increase the long term sustainability of the CBS
–    Strengthen the institutional capacity
–    Preserve the population of Howler Monkeys for the benefit of the communities

CBS a model for community based sustainable development programs.
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For more information about this project or the Community Baboon Sanctuary contact us at:
Ph: 501-662-9624/629-7890



About Community Baboon Sanctuary

Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize, is an innovative and unique grassroots project to protect the habitat for the endangered Black Howler Monkey while promoting community development.
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