Baboon Sanctuary Greenhouse Project 2012

Remember Hurricane Richard? It slammed Belize last October. One writer describe it as this:

“Demolished, topless and water-drenched homes, uprooted trees, downed power-lines, mangled signs and billboards, and scattered zinc and debris were the evidence that Hurricane Richard left today in its aftermath…”  1

Picture courtesy Channel 5

There was a lot of damaged and the long road to rebuilding began shortly after. Due to the extensive damage done to trees, the Community Baboons Sanctuary decided to launch a Greenhouse project through funding received from GEF Global Environment Facility. This initiative will be carried out this year 2012 and years to come to plant new trees to help replace those that were destroyed .

This is one of the many projects that will be carried out this year under the grant received. More to details to come.

1 – Adele Ramos – Amandala


About Community Baboon Sanctuary

Community Baboon Sanctuary in Belize, is an innovative and unique grassroots project to protect the habitat for the endangered Black Howler Monkey while promoting community development.
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